How Do You Create a CoP Service?

There are basically two ways in which you can implement Confirmation of Payee;
  • Build it yourself
  • Use an integration service
On this page we provide summary independent supplier and resource information.  More comprehensive information is available in the Registered area.  If you are not already registered and would like to know more, please either contact us or register using the button on the Home page.  It is free for all participants!

Please note that ConfirmationofPayee.Net is independent of all participants in the CoP ecosystem and strives to provide information in a way that can be trusted and without bias. Nothing in these pages should be regarded as an endorsement of one participant. We are happy to make as much information available as we can, but cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of any information provided. Any decisions made using information on these pages are your responsibility.

Integration Service Suppliers

There are currently (February 2021) nine  Integration Service suppliers for Confirmation of Payee listed by Pay.UK.  All of them can simplify the process of enabling a CoP service, although each do so in a different way, and with differing price models.  We are currently reaching out to all of them for details of their service, and those that have responded are listed below.  This helps you choose the most appropriate for your particular needs.  In alphabetical order, those suppliers are:

We can help select the best service supplier for you!   
Registered users have access to more comprehensive information kindly provided by suppliers, and a service comparison table shall soon be available. 
Supplier presentations within our Working Group forum are planned, starting December 2020.
Being independent of all suppliers, we can also provide short consultancies to recommend implementation approaches.

This list shall be updated as other suppliers become available.


The technical skills for implementation of CoP are identical to those required for Open Banking service implementation.  Both are based on API services, use the OB Directory for identification and involve onboarding with multiple participants.  Not all of these tasks are avoided by using an integration service provider, and hence access to suitably skilled resources for a period may be vital.

Larger Banks implementing CoP are likely to already have an Open Banking team, and their skills can be reused to support CoP implementation - if they are available!  Smaller Banks may not have or wish to maintain a permanent in-house team.
Therefore skilled resources may be required to either 'top up' an existing team, or create one for the duration.
The Confirmation of Payee network includes members with the required skills, covering:

  • API programming
  • Testing
  • Pay.UK registration and NDAs
  • eIDAS (or OB) certificate acquisition
  • Directory Onboarding
  • Bank onboarding - both dynamic and manual
Collectively, the resources available can support you through the delivery lifecycle from initial registration to delivery and subsequent maintenance/upgrade.  These can be invaluable supplements even when much of the work is 'outsourced' to a service integrator.

More information, including individual profiles is available to registered users.
+44 (0) 7494 960876

+44 (0) 7494 960876

Crantock House, Stratford Drive NN4 6JT UK

Crantock House, Stratford Drive NN4 6JT UK